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MWC presents Paris Canucci

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MWC Fashion District and School Presents Wedding Expo 2010


Slave for You

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The Slave for you was a successful show. There was a large crowd and the stage was set. Eventhough the lag was a bit much the MWC Models overcame the lag and as the saying says “The Show Must Go On.” Here are some highlighted photos and some great fashions thanks to our designers:

Sexy sensual latex and leather with a pink handcuffs

Pretty in violet and latex..

Silky and sexy..on the pole

He is the king of slave..listen to your master

The keepers to make sure the slave girls obey

Hot pink silks for any evening on the beach with your master

You master will love this sexy little white number.  Looks great with a tan.

Best worn at sunset to see the color highlight as the sun set.

The show was a success. Thanks to everyone that made it happen.

Time and Trininty

CARNAL-Primal desire the literal definition is of the flesh or desires….but in a kind of instinct way. By Potnia Theas

When I think of style I think of art. Potnia Theas designs are a work of art. She has created a detail and awesome fashion line. Her clothes can be described as class, elegance and beauty now we know truly why she won the Designer Challenge at MWC. She had début her fashion collection at MWC Fashion District on January 3, 2010. The first show of MWC Fashion District of the year, many people attended. You could see by the reaction of the crowd how much they loved her designs. The atmosphere was intense and joyous. She is one of the most wanted designers in Second Life. Potnia personality shines in her creation. He heart seems to flow thru the textures and fabrics of her clothes. Potnia is in a class by herself. I wish more of her design were displayed today but unfortunately due to technical difficulty I can only bring you my vision of the event. The beauty spectacular event MWC models preformed that night.

Photo by Miguel Rotunno

Time & Trinity








Which designers did you think would be your biggest competition?

***Everyone. It was really hard for me to tell who would end up on top. Each week all the designers got better and better.

What was your favorite outfit you designed on the show?

***If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Fireside. That one took me to a level of designing that I had not achieved before.

Any tips for any would be next season’s contestants?

***Keep trying and work hard to improve your outfits each round. Also think carefully about the theme of each challenge.

Which piece are you most proud of this season?

***The entire Winter Social line. I put a huge amount of work into that, and many outfits that I created for it I did not use. I was really pleased with the final result.

What does winning Project Runway mean to you on a personal level?

***Two things:
1. That I worked really hard, and I am so grateful to have won, because I know the other designs worked just as hard.
2. That success is not a trophy, but a state of being. My personal contest with myself does not end there, and I will continually strive to improve my work.

Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion.

***Fashion is wearable art and can express a wide range of ideals and emotions. Fashion can portray culture, concepts, moods, and so much more.

What about fashion as a business?

***I think a fashion business excels when the creations inspire people to want to join in with the vision.

What inspires your designs?

***Life, living, everything. I actively look for inspiration in movies, television, magazines, my friends, my family, my community. I look for concepts in life that I can relate to and express in clothing.

What advice do you have for a young woman who wants to be a fashion designer?

***If anyone wants to seriously be a designer, they have to love what they do and stick with it no matter what. Always strive to improve techniques and make tomorrow’s designs better than yesterday’s.


The exciting and sensual world of BDSM. From the sexy leather to the down right straps of lace.

Come explore the world of BDSM fashion with us at MWC Fashion District.

 Nothing can compare to the sexy and provocative fashion on the runway.

Come and see at MWC Fashion  House the lovely BDSM fashion of:

Immerschoen  Vienna by Gismo Rhode and Nici Sewel-Location:

KKD Shop by Kathje Kittaj-Location:

Nod by Nisei Oh-Location:


Chill Event

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The winter event at MWC Fashion District and School was great. DJ Hush Law rock the tunes. They also held a best winter dress contest male and female won 500L a piece.  Everything was in the mix in MWC Fashion House on Sunday, December 6, 2009. The best winter wonderland event and dance party but if you missed it here are some highlights of the evening.


Winner DaKota Carolina

Winner Andreas Barrowstone

DJ Hush Law rocked the house! Whoot hoot!!


The winner of the final challenge was Potnia Theas

Her designers were creative, beautiful and fashinable. This line consisted of ten ensembles focused on various aspects of winter and holiday styles. Similar to fashion lines created in real life, the outfits here have a few recurring elements in flourish and concept. The style are modern-eccentric with a bit of fantasy. Hope you enjoy! Here are some highlight of Potnia designs below:

 Second runner up was Hotla Hoodoo with a beautiful collection. This last line in the contest I made variouse styles which many include the suede fabric, the line ranges from trench coats and everyday jackets and dresses and jeans to club goer outfits, kind of a look that you would see on streets in a big city, some going to work, some just shopping and some going to special events. All of these outftis have resize scripts in them for your fitting needs :). Enjoy!  Here are some highlights of Hotla designs below:


The third finalist was Jenni Eros. Ms. Eros created a line of holiday party dresses.  Seeming fitting for this time of year, she designed party dresses to fit a variety of holiday party styles.  Whether you are  more traditional or even enjoy fantasy atire, there is a dress for you!  Gorgeous, feminine, elegant, and fun. Words that describe what I want out of my wardrobe. These words are also characteristic of Aprodite Holiday Party Dress line.  Here is a highlight of Jenni Eros’s designs below:

Highlights from the Black Couture Show

MWC Agency and Fashion House after party was a big success.

 Models With Curves Fashion Hall sizzles with the top talent of Second Life’s premiere AfricanAmerican designers…MWC was proud to bring to you the combined fashion creations and talents of  YUMZ Clothing, UZURI Skins, SO may Style Designs, Chivalry , Audacious Designs and EPIDERMIS EMPORIUM. Many accessories are from Uzuri Creations Jewelry.  The stunning creations reflect the diversity and influence of African -American culture and their styling brings a medley of the best blended together….a first in second life all under one roof today…this is MWC…Black Couture!

This was a great event with great designers. There were so many picutures some of them will be posted at my flickr account:

Here are some of the highlights below:




What happen to the designer’s challenge?

It’s back for the Grand Finale. Three designers are left: Hotla Hoodoo, Jenni Eros and Potnia Theas. Each designer had 2 weeks to create 7 to 15 outfits for the final challenge. Well Sunday November 22, 2009 at 5 slt time we will find out. Please come and check it out. It going to be the most exciting and eventful day. These designer have worked hard these past few weeks to arrive to the finale. Come out and support the great designers.

Who will be winning 1st place 35k , 2nd place 10k and 3rd place 5k? To be the Best Designer of the Grid

 I interviewed each designer on their point of view on being entrepreneurs in Second Life and how they felt about the challenge during the past few weeks.

Potnia Theas

  • How would you describe your style as a designer?**Ora Trei Design’s style is a versatile combination of modern, haute couture, designer, and high fashion. I tend to like change and attempt to make styles suitable to many different people.
  • In the final will you incorporate your style in the 7 to 15 outfits you are creating for this competition? **Yes. I am creating this line as part of the winter release for the store.
  • Describe your journey the past few weeks in these challenges…..
    Not only are you designers most of you own stores, how long have you had the stores, where are they located?   **Ora Trei Designs has been open since February 2nd of 2009. Creating designs for the competition has been keeping me very busy. I try to cater to the nature of the challenge while still maintaining my personal style in  the finished product.


  • Whats your secret of having your stores open for so long?**Persistence and a dedication to consistent quality improvement; both in the shopping experience and the product. 
  • How do you maintain a loyal customer base?**Customer service is very important to us. We do as much as we can to ensure that the customer is greeted and any questions they may have are answered. There is a new free gift each week for group members and they enjoy other perks as well. Our live store models are not only lovely but very helpful in greeting customers and answering questions.
  • What is your target market?**We mostly appeal to fashionistas, models, fashion professionals and the average fashion enthusiast. However, the style is very versatile and occasionally includes other genres such as fantasy or gothic styles.

Hotla Hoodoo

  • How would you describe your style as a designer? I really dont have any particular style, I do anything that I think looks good :). My style jumps everywhere I guess, so I have almost something for everyone.
    In the final will you incorporate your style in the 7 to 15 outfits you are creating for this competition?Yes, somewhat.
  • Describe your journey the past few weeks in these challenges…..It has been a blast, it really has tought me few things that I didnt practise before, I sometimes did get stuck on an outfit and couldnt work for few days due to that but this journey has tought me to just push through that and make myself finish it. But over all I just had a lot of fun and got to know couple new people through all this :).
  • Not only are you designers most of you own stores, how long have you had the stores, where are they located? My store has been in wards (sim) since early 2005, was my first land I bought and just had tiny land at first now I have expanded and own most of the sim.
  • Whats your secret of having your stores open for so long? hmm I dont know a secret I just am self motivated and love to design and so longest the tiers are paid with sales I will stick around. 
  • How do you maintain a loyal customer base? Always be nice to customers with problems and what not, I do sometimes just spend time talking to them after a problem has been resolved (such as they can’t fit in something right etc) Replace an item if something is wrong with it for them etc etc..its just help help and be super nice 😉 .
  • What is your target market?I dont know , like I said I just make things whenever I get an idea and believe me I get more ideas than I can produce.

Jenni Eros

  • How would you describe your style as a designer?
    I don’t believe I have a specific style.  I enjoy trying new things and have made a wide variety of design styles.  If I had to clarify my style it would be everyday fashionista.  I believe my designs are perfect for those who enjoy rl fashion.
  • In the final will you incorporate your style in the 7 to 15 outfits you are creating for this competition?
    I will be creating outfits that appeal to a broad range of people in SL.  I want this line to be clothing that pleases my customers by being versatile, elegant and fun.
  • Describe your journey the past few weeks in these challenges…..
    Oh wow, its has truly been a journey for me.  Before beginning this competition I was floundering as a designer not really what I could do and wanted to do.  This competition has taught me show much about my own abilities and given me focus.
  • Not only are you designers most of you own stores, how long have you had the stores, where are they located?
    I actually started designer about 2.5 years ago for a short time.  I made gorean dresses, silks and jewelry.  However, I was not consistent in keeping a store open due to rl.  I have recently opened my own home store in this last month.  I own a full sim and my store is located there.  I also, have smaller satellite stores at MWC, Castle of Goddess Mall, and a couple of others.
  • Whats your secret of having your stores open for so long?
    Well, it’s not been that long, but my secrete, if there is one, would be understanding the customer and appealing to them.
  • How do you maintain a loyal customer base?
    You maintain loyalty by doing quality work and basically putting the customer first.  In designing focus on what your customers want and in service being there for them when they need you.
  • What is your target market?
    I really don’t have a target market, but if I had to pin myself to one it would be just the regular fashionista.  Those women that truly enjoy fashion and dressing nice here in SL.


















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